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Music in education is important because it builds character in young people. It’s good for the human spirit and inspires the soul. When people feel good, they do good things. Music strengthens the community and breaks down social and economic barriers. Music programs like concert and marching band, as well student orchestra, gives individuals like myself, who don’t excel in organized sports, a chance to experience what it’s like to be part of a team. In band, you have to train mentally and physically, commit to rehearsals and take responsibility for your part in the music. There’s a common goal, and when it is reached, there is a feeling of accomplishment and pride that is not experienced in trigonometry class or world history. Music is important because it exercises parts of our brain that help us to excel in other areas of academics. Everyone has P.E. (physical education) in school where they are required to play basketball, tennis, dodge ball, or go swimming for an hour. Well, music is simply P.E. for our brain. - Jake (linked from Facebook) For Jake's tour schedule and tickets go to​

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